A Midweek Mental Meltdown Segue to a Cool Calmdown

April 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today was a pretty good day at the cupcake palace. Had the day off yesterday complete with spa pedicure so I was somewhat more rested, and everything was rolling smoothly along. That is until I had to make frostings that someone neglected to make the night before, then make the frostings we can only make day-of-use, then heard about an order for something like 21 dozen for next week when two of the other bakers are out of town, then I started flipping through the orders for tomorrow, and then what about football season (!!!???), and then…I got really tired and started to feel the mild internal panic. So, I left. It was time for me to go so it wasn’t some big apron-throwing-down production with tears or huffing and puffing.

Before all that I’d been feeling like we were starting to settle into a new routine with the new menu. I think I should just stop thinking that we’re going to have anything resembling a routine for a long while. We don’t have enough people on the regular schedule to accommodate lots of special requests either and that worries me. But, I know all about worry and what it doesn’t do.

So, on the way home, I just prayed. As I’d prayed earlier today to not let this job burden me like I did my last job. To not “carry” it around with me like it seems I tend to. I prayed for ways to not get overwhelmed. I asked what would make me not feel overwhelmed.

And, it was then that I noticed the beautiful spring day and thought about my sweet kitty who isn’t allowed free reign outside, but for whom I’ve bought various tents and tethers so that she could go outside safely.

When I got home, that’s what we did. Me in the camp chair with a bottle of water (though something fruity and a bit stronger would’ve completed the picture) and she in her little popup tent “enjoying” being outside.

Oh, and then my dad and I found a strawberry on one of our 8 little plants.

Now, I think I’m ready to make honey chile chicken wings for dinner.


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