February 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Starting a new job usually takes time away from one’s leisure pursuits: reading, sleeping, throwing paper wads for your kitty to bat in the air, or updating your new blog about which you wayyyyy overthink. Starting a new job at a cupcake bakery in a town apparently crying out for small cakes topped with a disproportionate amount of icing…well, let’s just say that bathing becomes your new (and only) priority. That and sleeping. Working 10, 12+ hour days has definitely come as a surprise to me, and my muscular system.

One day soon I hope to share a photo or two of our little works of art, but currently I’m too busy making them, and my hands are usually covered with frosting or batter or both. Fighting the temptation to lick one’s fingers should be a medal-worthy event.

OH, look at the time. It’s 7:45. Goodnight.



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