Bake for More

December 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

I love baking.

The precision appeals to (and simultaneously sort of aggravates) my perfectionist tendencies. Then, of course, there are the smells: cinnamon wafting warm and spicy from pies and cookies, yeast from breads rising that tickles your nose with it unmistakable tang and instantly makes your mouth water, and chocolate…the earthy richness that is dark chocolate.

BFFs peanut butter and chocolate

Even more than that though, I think it’s the process of ingredients to results that I find soothing and comforting, even exciting. Opening the oven is like Christmas in a way, like opening a gift, to see how the recipe (or experiment) has turned out. It’s definitely fitting then that more people bake around this season. We diehard bakers and sugar fiends whip, stir, fold, and knead all year round, but find a way to ratchet up our KP during the holidays, too.

Batter for Brown Sugar Whoopie Pies

I think the spirit of community is intrinsic in the act of making food, even if you do it alone. More than likely, someone is going to benefit because there’s always enough to share. In fact, it’s encouraged.

what's not to love about drippy glaze?

I love baking, and, like many people, I love this time of year. The true meaning and miracle of Christmas strengthens my faith and makes me want to share more of myself and not just my sugary treats. Although, sharing both together is not a bad idea either, I suppose.


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