“Pretty” Good Pancake

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Leave it to Joy the Baker to come up with deliciousness, tastiness, and comfortingness and then make it work for one. I’ve made her single lady melty chocolate cake before and all the judges (me) agreed that it was fantastic. When I saw her post recently about the single pancake and realized I had all the ingredients, well, pancakes were had this morning. I went with making two instead of one whopper pancake. On a related note, why is it that the first pancake always has issues? The pan wasn’t hot enough, you didn’t use enough butter, you flipped too soon or too wildly, it burns/doesn’t get done in the middle…the list goes on. In my case, maybe impatience to be eating the pancake causes any or all of these catastrophes. By the 2nd or 3rd pancake, I’ve usually hit a stride, but since this recipe only made two…it wasn’t pretty. But, as my family says “It’ll eat.” Or, in the words of The Black Keys: “the look of the cake, it ain’t always the taste.”



I want to call those extra crispy bits on the first one “pancake cracklins” and market them cleverly. But maybe that doesn’t sound appealing to anyone else. I will be keeping this recipe on the fridge, though, for when the breakfast-for-dinner mood strikes. Look past the humble appearance of mine and make these yourself!


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This is an extra from my many attempts to make a birthday present for my friend and roommate this week. I gave her what I hope were the best ones in a pretty frame, but this one turned out rather nice as well. It’s meaningful to her all by itself, but also happens to be the title of a great song by a band she likes.

In crafting this bit of ink and calligraphy for her, I found myself bolstered by it, having to write and rewrite it a few dozen times. The distinctions between joy and happiness have already been expounded upon by others, so I’ll but add that I am learning to look for real joy in my own, daily life. After finding out today that a potential full-time position at my current job is no longer a possibility for me, I reach for the joy that is beyond momentary disappointment. I have had my moment with it and may very well again, but I also trust that doors open when they’re meant to and know that the perks  (4 weeks paid vacation! Maybe still a bit sore on that score.) I would’ve gained in the switch to salaried employee are not my sole pursuit. In truth, nothing really has changed: I still have a job that I mostly enjoy and also was complimented by my boss on the work I do even in midst of the we-went-with-someone-else talk. That means a lot to me. It wasn’t my dream job or even an option that I’d desired before a month ago, so that helps ease the sting some. I didn’t even cry much, and that’s saying something as that’s usually my default with the emotional situations! I give God thanks for the grace he has given me and pray it spills out to those I work with even now.

The Squint

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